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We've created the perfect bundle of powerful, but elegant SEO rank tracking and research tools, carefully designed to save you time and increase productivity by helping you work faster & smarter.

With over 968 users and counting, our software is built for you. We're pushing out feature requests faster than ever before, based on your feedback about what you need most from your SEO software.

Search rank tracking

Unlimited, beautifully designed reporting to show you where you or your clients rank in Google.

Keyword research tool

Find profitable keywords in seconds that will start generating massive traffic to your site.


Powerful crawler configuration

Thanks to the help of our users we've been able to tweak our crawlers to scrape Big G exactly how you need.

Track by search engine

Track any of the 188 Google search engines using our large proxy database.

Track locally

Track your keywords by location. City, suburb, postcode, no worries!

Track by language

We've added every language you could think of. Even Latin!

Full database access

Get stats and report on any site ranking for your keywords.

Built with client-facing agencies in mind

If you run an agency then you're in luck! Export or schedule reports for personal or agency usage, with the full ability to customize and rebrand our reports with your logo.

Public report links

Send clients custom reports via a simple link.

Email reports

Send automated reports to your clients and team via email.

New to SEO? We help you learn!

Doing research and tracking results is only half the battle. That's why we provide all our users with unlimited support on Slack and live chat. Feel free to ask us your search questions and more than likely, we'll have an answer. If not, we’ll find out together!

Lessons & guides

Regular videos and guides to help you to become a better SEO.

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Ask us any SEO questions via Intercom between Monday - Friday from 6PM to 10PM (ICT).

Latest guides and lessons

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