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Simple SEO tools that cover the basics is a bundle of powerful, but elegant SEO tools that are designed to help you work faster & smarter. Each tool has been carefully designed to provide you with the answers you need to get your website ranking quickly.

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TrackYourPosition is a fast, no-nonsense suite of SEO tools for people who value accuracy and speed. It's simple to use and has other tools to help you grow your website. You pay a few bucks a month, and that's it.

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  • On Asset Buying Consider this. On the black/grey market, you can purchase links that will move you up the rankings for anywhere between $10 to $100 per month. Sometimes more, sometimes less but around there.Every time you do this, you're adding an abstraction of risk. Not ideal but, maybe for you, it doesn't matter.


    On Google AMP I've had trouble with reconciling how I think about AMP. When Google first came out with AMP I bought the story. I read the docs and found myself nodding along. By applying a forced constraint to the market, through an open source framework, the web, as a result, would become more efficient at...


    Understanding The Basics Of SEO S-E-O. A three-word acronym that probably takes the cake as the No.1 most misunderstood term in digital and internet marketing. You can stumble upon ‘SEO’ discussions in forums, blogs, news aggregators, freelance sites, adult niches, at frat parties, dorm rooms, offline and online, and at each and...


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